About us


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We are a group of Durhamites who want to reduce consumer waste in our community. We represent a wide variety of sectors and backgrounds (small business, non-profit, local government, faith community, academia, artists, concerned citizens, etc.)

OUR PURPOSE: We will use our knowledge, expertise, creativity and social networks to…

  • Raise awareness and educate our community on ways to reduce waste in our community and encourage reusable, compostable and/or recyclable alternatives.
  • Advocate for and work toward reducing waste associated with single-use packaging (e.g., polystyrene food containers, plastic bags and packing peanuts).

Don’t Waste Durham is grateful to Keep Durham Beautiful for their fiscal sponsorship. This means they have lent us their legal and non-profit status. Our work would not be possible without them. Thank you, KDB!


  1. Our community needs more litter clean-up, but litter clean-up is not enough.
  2. People and businesses doing the right thing should be recognized for their efforts.
  3. Those who could still change need incentive and motivation.
  4. Interventions to reduce single-use consumer waste should (1) not result in more litter, (2) not have unintended negative consequences; and (3) be as manageable as possible for consumers and small businesses.
  5. Alternatives to single-use consumer waste should be safe and healthy.
  6. Whenever possible, reducing waste is the best and first step. Reuse and recycling are the next best options.
  7. There is a better way, and it will mean changes in our expectations of convenience and social norms.

Don’t Waste Durham member organizations and businesses include: